AAK, a supplier of special oils and solid oils for the pastry industry, is a global producer and leading company. Our solutions enable us to manufacture products that have longer shelf life and meet needs such as excellent taste etc. Based on its 140 year experience, AAK offers solutions that will add value to your business for new successful concept that capture and excite your consumers. We upgrade you and your business and present AAK products that meet the special needs of your clients.

Cargill products are used in biscuits, bakery and Turkish dessert applications.

It offers opportunities to its users with authentic taste and color ranges in all confectionery products. It makes your end product successful with its high quality.

It adds fresh and remarkable taste to your products with its highly-intense quality, and is used in a wide range of production applications from chocolate, confectionery, bakery to the desserts that contain milk. KOSHER and Halal-certified DKT vanilla products manufactured according to strict quality conditions do not contain GDO.