Our solutions meet your important needs such as longer shelf life and excellent taste. Based on its 140 year experience, AAK offers solutions that will add value to your business for new successful concept that capture and excite your consumers. We upgrade you and your business and present AAK products that meet the special needs of your clients.

Cargill glucose syrups are used in confectionery products, jams, halva, Turkish delight and Turkish desserts applications.

It offers opportunities to its users with authentic taste and color ranges in all confectionery products. It makes your end product successful with its high quality.

It produces completely-natural colorants by developing new technologies for colorants. Its products portfolio contain both code E and Clean Label colorants. Very different range of colors exists in terms of natural colorants and it is possible to produce natural and healthy solutions for final consumers that could be used instead of unnatural (synthetic) colorant products. Doğal Katkı is the distributor of Naturex in Turkey, which is a company produces special ingredients including natural food colorants and pectins for the food sector.

Pectin is a natural ingredient of plants and fruits and is available in many fruits. Pectin is one of the main ingredients that ensure solidness and flexibility in fruits and vegetables. It is used in various applications such as jams, jellies, fillings and candies. It is also used as texturizer in bakery and pastry products including cakes and biscuits.

It continues its production for over 125 years. First grade EUROVANILLIN Supreme, which has a creamy pure vanilla flavor, is made of a tree (lignin) as a natural and sustainable raw material and is a more environment-friendly product. It is a product well ahead of its global competitors.