Doğal Katkı is the distributor of industrial oils of AAK in Turkey and sells and distributes those oils across Turkey.

Doğal Katkı acts as the distributor of Gerkens brand cacaos made of the best cacao seeds in the world as well as the glucose, fructose and starches produced by Cargill.

With DKT, our brand launched in 2012, we provide our clients with a wide range of services from sugar, industrial margarine, potato, corn starch, cacao products and flavors.

Doğal Katkı acts as the distributor of Naturex in Turkey, which is a company producing special ingredients, mainly natural food colorants and pectins for food, beverage and nutrition sectors.

For our clients, we supply yeast extracts of Mitsubishi that has a delicate quality assurance system, with worldwide-proven reliability.

Doğal Katkı is the Turkish distributor of Obipektin, which is one of the biggest companies in the world in its own field and which operates within Naturex. Pectin is used as stabilizer in bakery and bakery products, mainly cakes and biscuits.

It is one of the leading vanilla suppliers around the world and is an environment-friendly product that is well ahead of its rivals.

Doğal Katkı imports 100% Halal-certified leaf gelatin of Eward Gelatine, one of the leading gelatin producers around the world, under the supervision of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, and acts as the distributor in Turkey.

Doğal Katkı is the Turkish distributor of the Italian Lapi Gelatine, one of the few powder gelatin producers across the Europe. The products of Lapi Gelatine, which also produces Kosher-certified fish gelatin, are used in both pharma and food sectors.