Product Development Laboratory

The entire product development process at our R&D laboratory covers literature-patent search, supply of materials, pre-formulation works and production phases. We conduct all procedures required to create a new formula as well as shelf life and stability works within our R&D laboratory.

In addition to the product development and end product applications, we also support the product development works of our clients having limited conditions thanks to our advanced analytical devices.

Risk Management

It would be indispensable to make concessions on revenue, budget and price competition without having a comprehensive risk management strategy!…

Therefore, we offer special ‘‘hedging’’ (risk elimination) solutions for the purpose of reducing the possible risks and uncertainties that you might encounter, and minimize all the risks that you might be exposed.

After-sale Services and Logistics

Thanks to our efficient logistics capability, we ship your products from 1 kg to 25 million of tons through our own fleet under climate control in line with the documentation rules in accordance with the relevant country’s codex.

Consulting for Agricultural Field Development

We plan all infrastructural investments from the beginning to the completion of the entire processes by using the state-of-the-art technologies and the data for the last 50 years on our land, which is one of the top 5 private olive groves in Turkey, with approximately 50 thousand fruit trees in Manisa/Salihli. With our production operations, we provide both industrial olive oil and edible olives for the food industry.

As DOĞAL KATKI, we provide our solution partners with ‘‘Consulting for Agricultural land development’’ based on our infrastructural experience and production competency in accordance with our ‘‘value creation’’ principle, which is one of the main reasons for our existence. We turn “empty land to asset’’.

Accordingly, we provide consulting services that include exchange of data regarding the development of any land; supply of infrastructural needs of such land according to the climatic and regional conditions; commissioning of irrigation, drainage and disinfection systems; selection of fruits suitable for the land, following up the entire process from planting to obtaining the selected crop. We also contribute to our clients as an investor for lands.