Who are we?

DOĞAL KATKI provides its clients with healthy, high-quality and reliable solutions that are ‘‘focused on exploring the authentic tastes of the future from the nature’’ in line with the ever-changing market needs and the new trends resulting from the post-modern era, based on its approximately 60 year experience.

As a producer of natural ingredients, our organization acts as a ‘backbone’ to deliver the products manufactured by global leading brands to the clients in the domestic market and regional countries. We aim to expand our product ranges continuously by using an innovative approach.

Using its network of suppliers from Ghana to  Netherlands, France to Indonesia in order to meet all possible demands and needs of our business partnersDOĞAL KATKI implements ‘‘full-fledged projects from the start to the end’’ with producers of all sizes, by offering advanced R&D facilities, purchase and sale of products that are regulated by international commodity exchanges and making long-term product contacts/connections from abroad. 

As DOĞAL KATKI, we currently offer the following products to the market: starch and corn syrup from CARGILL, cacao from Gerkens; industrial oils and fats from  AAK; natural food colorants of NATUREX, Textursing agents OBIPECTIN’s; Euro vanillin from BORREGAARD; wheat starch and gluten from AMILINA; leaf gelatin of EWALD as approved by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock; powder gelatin of LAPI and Yeast Extract and MITSUBISHI KOHJIN Life Science ’ın Yeast Extract and umami tastes.

In addition to our sales and distribution activities, we provide a wide range of products such as potato from flavor and crystal sugar as well as corn starch, rice flour and cacao powder products packed in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter on 6 fully-automatic packing lines under our DKT Seasoning and DKT Vanillin brands launched by us in 2013 at our production facilities in İzmir/Kemalpaşa in order to meet the increased demands of clients.

Searching and presenting the most suitable natural solutions to its clients with the objective of achieving a healthy future; DOĞAL KATKI follows an interactive and dynamic strategy with product-focused or prescription-focused after-sale technical support.

The ingredients in our portfolio are used in chocolate and cacao products; confectionery, gums, halva, Turkish delight, biscuit, wafer, ice cream, baklava and other pastries; bakery products, pastry, jams, dairy products; sausage, sujuk, salami; seasoning, sauce, chips production and also packaging, textile and paper industry. We maintain our efficiency in the beverages sector with NATUREX natural colorants .